Columbine (Aquilegia canadensis)

Scientific Name: Aquilegia canadensis
Common Name: Columbine
Description of facts and concepts: A drooping bell wildflower that blooms during the spring. Quite attractive to hummingbirds.
Seed or division information: Easy from seed, but will germinate more uniformly if given three weeks of chilling at 40 degrees F.
Date of flower’s bloom (Month and week): April W3
Garden Name: Shady Woodland Garden
Color of Flower: Red or yellow
Height: 18-24″
Spread: 10-18″
Family: Crowfoot
Soil Type: Base to Acidic Neutral Woodland Soil
Soil: Dry to Wet Dry woods and rocky banks
Light: Sun to Shade Sun to part shade
Zone 4-10 Zone 3-8