Foamflower (Tiarella cordifolia)

Tiarella cordifolia

AR & VR 3D Plant Model

Scientific Name: Tiarella cordifolia
Common Name: Foamflower
Description of facts and concepts: A rapidly spreading clump-forming plant that has glossy heart-shaped leaves with 3-5 lobes. The tiny white flowers have a foamy texture. This lovely native groundcover should be used before ivy, vinca or the Japanese pachysandra, since it flowers more beautifully than any of them. Unlike many natives, it has been the subject of selections of new cultivars as well as hybridization. Inter-generic crosses with Heuchera have resulted in a hybrid, xHeucherella. In the East, the genus has been split into three distinct forms: T. wherryii, which is a clump-forming, mat-leaved form, T. collina, another clump former with glossy leaves, and T. cordifolia, which produces long stolons and spreads. Other taxonomists do not recognize these divisions. You may decide for yourself whether these forms are distinct enough to merit a species designation.
Seed or division information: Easy from seed or division. The long stolons set new plants at each node; these are easily picked up and set into new ground.
Date of flower’s bloom (Month and week): May W1
Garden Name: Shady Woodland Garden
Color of Flower: White
Height: 12″
Spread: 12″
Family: Saxifrage family
Soil Type: Base to Acidic Neutral Woodland Soil
Soil: Dry to Wet
Light: Sun to Shade Shade
Zone 4-10 Zones 4-7

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