Large Flowered Bellwort (Uvularia grandiflora)

AR & VR 3D Plant Model

Scientific Name: Uvularia grandiflora
Common Name: Large Flowered Bellwort
Description of facts and concepts: The hanging bells make the plant appear to droop, but the leaves are attractive for the whole growing season. Occurs in rich woodlands with yellow flowers blooming in  April. This drooping plant is named for its similarity to the uvula, dangling in the back of the throat.
Seed or division information: Seeds ripen in late summer and should be sown immediately. Large clumps may be divided in spring or fall.
Date of flower’s bloom (Month and week): May W1
Garden Name: Shady Woodland Garden
Color of Flower: Yellow
Height: 30″
Spread: 30″
Family: Lily family
Soil Type: Base to Acidic Neutral
Soil: Dry to Wet Dry to medium rich woods
Light: Sun to Shade Shade
Zone 4-10 Zone 3-7

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